I’ve just been to one of Lara’s adult ballet classes and it was the best class I have ever been to. Lara is a great teacher. Her classes are the right mix of physical activity, ballet skills, toning, the right amount of challenge and all done in a friendly, professional, enthusiastic and engaging way. Lara is an excellent teacher and is approachable and experienced. I value the fact that she has registered teacher status and is trained with the Royal Academy of Dance – it makes me feel confident that she knows what she’s doing! I will definitely be going again.” J, Adult Ballet, 2018

Quote taken from a letter following a talk to a WI meeting. “Thank you so much for your exceptionally interesting and inspiring talk to D_________ WI last night. The members were certainly enthusiastic and I was pleased so many of them joined in the practical session. I think you have certainly inspired some members to consider joining our Silver Swans group….. Thank you once again Lara for providing us with such a wonderful WI talk“. June 2019

When asked on a survey in 2018 what the dances liked about Peak Ballet, anonymous responses included: 

Lara is a fantastic teacher and has really sparked the love of dance in my little girl.

I enjoy the whole experience as I think it is very well thought out .Lara,our teacher is excellent as she encourages and includes everyone.

What I love is the friendly feeling of the group who are so supportive of each other. We are all able to ‘take risks’ without feeling foolish, are non-judgmental, and enjoy a laugh together! It’s great fun!

I enjoy the atmosphere in the class and being part of a group of friendly students under the tutelage of a delightful teacher, extremely aware of and sympathetic to the needs of older students.

Love the music and the gentle movement. Working in a great group.

As it’s my first time of doing ballet of any sort, it is at the rate I can manage and I really like the friendship and fun with other like minded people, whilst being constructively active.

It is perfect. You are giving adults a rare chance to experience ballet again, I have been looking for such a class locally for years and I am so grateful that I have found you. The choice of what you teach is beautiful and just right. The venue is great too. I hope you can make it work and will be happy to follow you to a different venue locally if needed. When I miss classes it’s with great reluctance!

Love the music and the feeling of friendship with class participants and our lovely teacher.

I love the fact there is no pressure on the children or parents to buy expensive ballet costumes or do exams. It’s the first thing my child has really taken to, and it’s because of this relaxed approach. Thank you!

I enjoy putting together a little dance . The music is lovely and I go home feeling two inches taller with a smile on my face. Thank you Lara.

LARA’s love of her subject and for getting the over 50s moving. Its like lubricating the inner muscles improving the posture and balance and strengthening the inner core. And all with a large dose of happiness. We all seem to have fun even if we are exhausted! Keep going

Love the fact that children can just dance without pressures of exams etc. Very easy for my child to fit in and she enjoys it, she enjoys your informal and fun style enormously.